Monday, April 27, 2009

Comfortable Office Furniture - Promote Success in the Work Place With the Right Chair, Desk, & More

Creating the perfect working environment begins with the furniture you choose to fill that space. Whether you are planning to create a home office or redesign an existing one, the type of desk, chair and storage space you equip your office with will make all the difference for a proficient and profitable experience with your business.

Finding the right furniture to ensure success is based on a number of factors. The furniture needs to be ergonomic to the body. It needs to fit a person's height, body type, physical shape, and comfort level. The desk should be big enough to place a full functional computer with a decent size monitor, space for a standard keyboard, room for adequate movement of the mouse, a spot for a printer, and most important room for paperwork and writing space.

The chair needs to have support, preferably lumbar support for the neck and back. Comfort is essential especially when sitting in the chair for and extended amount of time. A chair that swivels and has wheels provides versatility to move from place to place in the office. Many chairs can roll easily on both hardwood floors and carpets. Deciding what chair is best for you, think about what tasks you need to accomplish while in the office and what you feel is more ergonomic and comfortable for you.

Storage space is essential for the office for filing those important documents or storing books and CD's that are necessary to run your business or complete your tasks. It is better to have metal file cabinets, as they are sturdy and long lasting. Hard wood bookcases are also a better choice in order to ensure steadiness, especially holding heavy books over a long period of time.

Whether or not you believe in the powers of Oriental feng shui, using many of their methods can enhance the productivity in the office and promote wealth. Make sure your workplace is clean and clutter free to allow free flow. Stored items should be filed away neatly in contrast to scattered on the desk. The office should have some sort of plant life (real or fake) to boost energy and vitality. A picture of water or a sunset promotes success and prosperity. Placing your office furniture strategically can help to reinforce a feeling of contentment. An example of placement can be to have your back to a wall and the desk facing towards the door, which gives the feeling of open mindedness and awareness. Little changes can put forth big successes.

Overall, choosing the right office furniture is extremely important to the ability to perform the everyday tasks needed to achieve success in the workplace. Whether you have a small business or work for the head honchos, having the right furniture in your office will undeniably improve the quality of work and overall productivity.

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