Monday, April 27, 2009

Synthetic Wicker Furniture - All About Chairs

Synthetic rattan is a well received material that is used to create beautiful and functional furniture. The raw materials used is actually plastic, but the appearance looks like cane. Hence the name, synthetic rattan. In the marketplace today, there are all kinds of home products that are made from these materials. The items are durable, and they come in so many different designs that it's almost impossible not to find something that fits into your home. Let's just take a look at chairs.

The Recife design.

The Recife chair is an item that can be placed in homes or offices. It has a very stable base, and the materials wrap around an attractive and curvy frame. The color is a rich dark brown, which makes it suitable for peaceful settings. There is a cushion that rests on the chair, adding comfort to beauty. This item has a luxurious aura surrounding it. It's definitely well suited for posh places.

The Horsen chair.

The Horsen design looks unique and different. Like the Recife, it has a large base, which makes it stable. This item comes in a greyish shade. The weaving patterns deliberately reveal an uneven surface across the entire chair. The overall appearance looks rugged and well suited for outdoor environments. Try placing one in the garden or in the backyard. The material is tough enough to withstand the outdoor elements.

Ancona Arm Chair.

The Ancona is a piece of simple and elegant looking furniture. It is well suited for almost any setting. Unlike the Horsen, it is a light weight product. You don't need to put in much effort to carry it around. This chair is ideal for temporary usage because of its portability. You can move the chairs around during family BBQ sessions or any other social gatherings. Storing them away when not in use will lengthen its lifespan.

The Verona look.

This is another light weight item. The design is more straight forward when compared to the Ancona. There are no curves. The entire frame looks straight and squarish. For those who prefer not to have arm rests on their chairs, this piece of furniture is the ideal option. Try to have both the Verona and Ancona around the house so that your guests have more choices.

Tenerife Arm Chair.

The Tenerife is perhaps an item with the most elaborate look. The arms are at a right angle to the seat, rising upwards, creating an illusion of a throne. There is a somewhat majestic feel to the overall appearance of this item. For this reason, it is well suited for the living room, where glamor and class is more commonly seen.

The Rondonia cuties.

The Rondonia is an adorable looking chair. They have no arm rests, and the weight is distributed across four short legs. The color is a rich golden brown, and will fit into any garden. Match them with a small little table and you will be the proud owner of a cute looking set of furniture. Sometimes, having smaller pieces of home items add more variety to the furnishing.

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