Thursday, June 14, 2012

When It Comes to the Dining Room, Furniture Choices Matter

When it comes to the dining room, furniture choices matter. The right dining room furniture will not only enhance the dining experience but will also affect the décor, mood and ambience of the entire home. Quality hand-crafted wood furniture helps create an atmosphere that invites family and friends to linger over a shared meal.

Functionally speaking, dining room furniture simply provides seating and surfaces for eating meals. Experts from fields as diverse as interior design and pediatric health are quick to point out that dining room furniture for social meals has significance beyond its practical purposes. Studies have shown that children from families who share meals together enjoy a host of health benefits, from better nutrition and better self-esteem to fewer incidents of depression and drug use.

Decorating for Mood and Atmosphere
Interior designers understand that certain materials and decorative styles are more conducive to promoting a convivial atmosphere than others. Natural materials like wood prompt an emotional as well as a visual response. Custom made furniture from wood evokes images of Amish craftsmen and artisans of the Arts and Crafts movement, furniture makers who are not only devoted to quality construction but who also care about the intrinsic beauty of wood. Both the Shaker and Mission decorative styles lend themselves well to dining room furniture. They styles are imbued with nostalgia yet possess the clean lines and form associated with modern design as well.

The Shaker Style
A belief that fine craftsmanship combined with functionality creates beautiful furnishings is at the heart of the Shaker decorative style. Since the 18th century, Amish people have been constructing furniture entirely by hand. The result is furniture that allows the inherent beauty of the wood to take center stage. By avoiding ornamentation and embellishments, the Shaker style emerged as a decorative style marked by clean, spare lines that complements both contemporary and traditional décor.

Mission Style Furniture
Craftsmanship is a key component of mission style furniture too. Inspired by the strong horizontal forms and heavy use of wood in California's missions, the Mission style represents America's take on the Arts and Crafts Movement of the early 20th century. In Europe, the Arts and Crafts style gained popularity as a reaction to both the heavily ornate Victorian style and the uninspired styles produced by the Industrial Revolution. In America, the focus was more on adding handcrafted elegance to the homes of the growing middle class, as exemplified in the Bungalow style of architecture.
One of the most recognized advocates of the American Arts and Crafts style was American furniture designer Gustav Stickley. Stickley strived to showcase the beauty of a wood's grain, both in the finishes that he chose and in the furniture's construction. With exposed mortise and tenon joinery, Stickley emphasized the furniture's structural beauty as well. Original Stickley furniture has become highly collectible, reflecting the enduring appeal of the decorative style.

Custom Wood Dining Room Furniture
The Shaker and Mission decorative styles continue to inspire modern furniture makers, yet it can be challenging to find furnishings that rise to the same level of quality construction as that of the originators of the styles. Sometimes the best solution is to find artisans who will create custom wood furnishings, dining room furniture that is specifically designed for a specific space. Custom made furniture is designed with the space and proportion of the dining room in mind as well, ensuring that the dining room furniture will not only look beautiful in its own right but will also enhance the overall appeal of the entire room.
Custom made furniture offers an emotional component to the dining room that mass-produced furnishings cannot. As each piece is one of a kind, the furniture is uniquely personal. Custom pieces instantly become part of the household's legacy, evoking a sense of history, permanence and domesticity. Their quality construction ensures that they will be passed down from generation to generation, to be cherished for many years to come.
When it comes to merely providing chairs and tables for eating, any dining room furniture will do. The best dining room furniture goes beyond functionality, establishing an atmosphere that promotes conversation and shared experiences. Choosing furnishings with deep emotional associations like hand-crafted mission style furniture elevates the dining experience as well as the style of the home.
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