Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old Furniture Repairs - Tips and Solutions

Restoring old furniture is one of the best ways to keep history alive in your homes. Unlike the modern range of furniture, antique furniture is known to survive for centuries. If you have antique furniture lying somewhere in the attic, get them out and get them restored to their former glory. A reputed and experienced antique furniture repairs expert will be able to help you with the entire process of restoring your antiques in the safest possible manner using only traditional procedures, materials and products to ensure that your antiques keep looking better for many years, as they age.

Furniture Restoration Tips
Before you hand over your antiques for restoration and repairs, it is very important that you get them appraised by a professional antique dealer. This will help you understand the worth of your valuables and also take action if the value is reduced due to the restoration procedures adopted by your service provider. Whether your antiques are highly valuable or not, never do the restoration yourself, you may end up reducing the value of your furniture. There are plenty of online antique furniture repairs stores who offer restoration and repair services at reasonable prices. However, not all may have the skill or experience to do a good job. They may also not be having appropriate facilities or using safe methods to strip your antiques. Therefore, you can ask for recommendations from your antique dealer, museum curator or even family and friends.

Hire Professional Furniture Repairs Experts for Structural Repairs

If your old furniture has some serious structural problems, then it is better to take the furniture to a skilled and experienced antique restorer. Though some minor repairs can be easily done at home, never take a chance when it comes to repairing antique furniture. Because, antiques are basically handmade and you may not have all the information about the quality and integrity of the wood, what type and level of force it may require, etc. Though renowned antique restorers may use modern bonding agents designed for antique furniture, yet most of the skills they use are traditional.

Why Antique Restoration Services Are Expensive?
Restoring old furniture to its former glory is time consuming and expensive too. It requires lot of patience to understand and bring back the same historical art into your valuable piece. Only skilled wood craftsmen will be able to combine their knowledge of art and craft to carry out antique furniture repairs in the safest manner without causing any damage to the overall value of the antique. That is why antique repair and restoration prices are a little expensive.

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