Tuesday, April 16, 2013

How to Buy Furniture Online - Saving Money Each Time You Buy Furniture

Regardless, of if you are shifting into a new home or want to redo everything in your existing home some new furniture can certainly spice things up. But many people will certainly attest to the fact that buying furniture is a bit of a hassle. Often the leg work required i.e. going from shop to shop in order to buy future is an ordeal in itself. Some people may enjoy it but for most this is a definite turn off. However, the other easier way to buy furniture is to do it online.

Know your measurements

Before you even start searching for furniture you should know what sizes you need. Furniture is sold in a number of sizes and so if you get something which is too large or too small it may make your room look either crowded or not properly furnished. The best way would be to measure your existing furniture. Note down the height and width on a piece of paper. However, you may also want to measure the doors in your home too since furniture that is larger than your door will have a problem entering your home.

Buy from online auction sites

Online auction sites like eBay are a great place to start searching for furniture. Here you can purchase either new or used furniture for a lot less than on the high street. On average you can save around 25% off your purchase. In addition to this many sellers also provide free home delivery. The one thing you should be very sure of when purchasing furniture online is to verify the sizes. Prior to finalizing your deal make sure that the sizes you need and the size of the furniture you are interested in match. A slight difference of 1 or 2 inches does not make a difference but you should reconsider if it's larger than 5 inches.

Comparison shopping

The best way to save money when purchasing furniture is to do some comparison shopping. Compare the rates with other online stores. For instance, if you find a double bed being sold for $400AUD on eBay, try searching online for this same double bed. A simple Google search should yield a number of other online stores selling this same bed. You can then choose the store which is selling it for the least price. However, when doing comparison shopping you need to consider additional expenses like delivery charges, taxes etc.

Wholesale rates

Usually, if you buy in bulk you will save money. This means that you'll save more if you buy an entire bedroom set instead of just a double bed. Try negotiating with the seller to get a discount if you need to purchase more. You should be able to get up to a 14% discount if you negotiate.

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